Jan 16, 2016

NexTag investment

Jan 5, 2016

During the DotCom era, I invested $50K in NexTag as a seed level investment after I met the founder, Purnendu Ojha, at a TiE meeting. I sent NexTag’s presentation to a couple of my VC friends without checking with Purnendu first. It had not occurred to me that it might be a problem. Purnendu was very upset. In any case, one of those VCs invested in NexTag.Continue Reading

Angel Investment in Exodus in 1995

Dec 14, 2015

I did most the unusual thing in 1995 when I wrote this check of $200,000 to Exodus to save them from shutting down. They were at the end of line, needed cash to stay alive. There was no time to do any due diligence or legal paperwork. This loan was done with a simple agreement memorialized on a hand written agreement.Continue Reading