San Jose Mercury News, 1986

Feb 9, 2016

This is the very first press we got in San Jose Mercury News. I had made a cold call to to Steve Kaufman of San Jose Mercury to ask him to come and take look at us. He was very dismissive on the phone but a couple of weeks later walked in unannounced. He did a nice story that put us on the map! Hiring became easy after that.Continue Reading

Cover of Upside Magazine

Jan 15, 2016

By the year 2000, having an Indian boss in Silicon valley was finally seen as a normal thing. At Excelan in 1985, I used to joke about the world turning upside down when an Indian had become a chief and all the chiefs were Indians!

I had this cover etched for posterity.


DOT Hatao, Desh Bachao

Jan 12, 2016

DOT Hatao, Desh Bachao: Get rid of the Dept of Telecom to save the country

This was my clarion call to reform telecom sector. PM Vajpayee after taking the oath for the office in the fall of 1998 talked about IT as India’s Tomorrow. I got inspired and requested a meeting. In that meeting I told PM that if he thinks IT industry is India’s future then he has to do a couple of things quickly. A strong industry can not be built on a third world telecom infra-structure that India had at the time. I also told him that he also has to allow a VC industry to emerge in India.Continue Reading

Intolerance in India

Jan 8, 2016

n today’s environment of Intolerance I recall what happened in 2002. I, along with Harry Rowen and Rafiq Dossani, wrote this OpEd in WSJ in May 22, 2002 issue after the Gujarat riots. My sentiments are same now as then.Continue Reading