I ended up in Chicago in the summer of 1968, with $10 in my pocket. I had been at Michigan Tech for 9 months, and this was my first summer break.

I checked into a YMCA hostel for $4 a night. That immediately told me that I could survive in Chicago only one more day.

It was early evening, so I decided to go out and see if I can get a job. I was told to look for “Help Wanted” signs in the windows, especially in Restaurant windows. It was only a few minutes before I spotted such a sign. I stepped in and asked them for the sign in the window.

The manager asked me if I was ready to work right away; yes I replied.

I was sent back to the kitchen and given an apron and asked to start doing dishes. There was no discussion about the salary or anything else. I worked for six hours and was handed $10 in cash and given a full meal.