I was a buff of old west shows that were very common when I first got to US in 1967. One thing I remember is cowboys triying to buck broncos(tame wild horses). Broncos have a mind of their own and they jump wildly and try to throw the rider off while ride struggles to stay on. This battle of will lasts several sessions before both the rider and horses start to understand each other.

I think of entrepreneurs as cowboys and markets broncos. It takes a while for them to understand each other. What does market really want? What is it willing to pay? What does it value? Speed, price or quality? Of course a very high quality product, priced real low delivered yesterday will be a winner any day of the week!

A methodology called a lean startup has developed in SV over the years, It says that entrepreneurs should get out with a Minimally Viable Product (MVP) as soon as possible and start testing (riding) the market. The product should then evolve and perfects in market under commercial conditions. Entreprenure should understands what market wants and what it is willing to pay.

No scaling should happen before that. Any other method is just playing with fire.




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