My company Excelan went public on Feb 28, 1987, exactly 33 years ago today. Stock was priced at $12/share and closed at about 15 at the close of day. It valued the company at about $150 million. You can easily multiply that by a factor of five to reach today’s dollars.

Company had done $22 million in revenue and $3 million in profit in 1986 and had grown 120% YoY.

Stock moved up to 18 before the market crash of October 1987. Stock market lost almost 70% in very rapid order. Our price was cut down to six. Market recovered nicely in 1988. 1987 was a good year for us we did $39 million and made $5 million in profit.

Excelan was a pioneer in computer networking. We were first to supply TCP/IP on Ethernet to connect disparate computers. They eventually became the backbone of Internet.

Excelan was eventually acquired by Novell in the summer of 1989.





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