Are incubators and accelrators making any impact? I know Y-combinator has done well but is their model repeatable? Is there any study showing that they are an efefctive way to produce succesful startups?

GOI’s Startup India Program has bet the farm on them. It has beaurocratic simplicity and elegance. Fund the incubators and accelrators, startup will start to sprout. More the merrier!

I have never been enthusiastic about any formulaic approach. I am much more into sink or swim. I believe in stampeding the herd, so to speak, so thousands and thousands of people will start the companies. Most of them will fail but a hardy bunch will succeed. Making it easy for them by greasing the skid is just not efefctive.

Much better to induce/seduce the investors to put up the risk capital more easily. Most VCs/Angel investors lose money anyway. Allure of making it big makes them invest in the first place. Make it even more attractive. I say, get rid of the Capital Gains taxes if you invest in these risky ventures




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