Ishan Nadkarni is a young entrepreneur from Bombay. He is also a fellow IITB graduate.

Ishan stopped by other day at our office in San Mateo. He surprised me presenting me with a pencil sketch of me he had done several years ago as a student during one of my periodic visit to my alma mater. Very nicely done, I must say.

After an hour of session with me, he again surprised me with an email a day later. He had summarized the thoughts expressed by me during the meeting. It is very satisfying to see simple thoughts/ideas have such an impact. I think Ishan is going places!!!

Here is his email:

== Gospels of Truth – From Kanwal to Ishan ==
Keep your head down and keep working.
Expect no respect. Work hard and earn it.
Shift out of your comfort zone to leading, managing, selling to customers, running the company.
Grow faster as a person that the rate of your company’s growth.
Use spirituality to detach. And to manage yourself.
Talk to, listen and learn from consumers. Then iterate your vision and product according to market needs.
Business is mathematics. All said and done, the numbers have to make sense.
No army can walk on an empty stomach for long.

Thanks again for your time. I hope you liked the sketch 🙂


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