I heard this story several years ago. I am not sure if it is real or a made up but does sound plausible.

A temple in south India was nationalized several years ago because of mismanagement. An IAS officer was appointed to straighten it out. He developed a detailed policy and implemented. Soon there was an uproar as no body was being allowed in the temple.

An enquiry was instituted to find out as to what had happened. It was soon discovered that the guard at the temple was not letting any body in. He was hauled in front of the inquiry commission.

Why are you not letting any body in? I am just following the instructions.

What instructions? I am asking to them to take their shoes off at the door as required by the rules.

So what is the problem? None of them has shoes on, so they can not take them of as required by the rules.

I am asking them to go back and put on shoes so they can take them off at the temple door as required by the policy.





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