Only one in fifty people in general population succeeds as an entrepreneur. Not very good odds, I must say. No wonder parents are not in favor of it. But if you take the first step of leaving your job and sustaining your dream for about a year, your odds improve 10 fold, That is because you are now a part of select few, about 10%, who have opted in. Your odds of success have gone from about 2% to 20%! Those odds are not so bad when a win could mean that you are set for life.

In any case, most entrepreneurs succeed on second or a third try. I was lucky. I made it on my first try.

So, are entrepreneurs gamblers? In a sense yes, but they are taking a calculated risk. Logic alone is not enough. One must make a leap of faith. Entrepreneurs combine primal and intellectual in a unique chutney; instead of finding 10 reasons why they can’t do it or shouldn’t do it, they find one reason to go for it.

Longer you wait, harder it is to do it. You start to become more sensible, more practical, more responsible and more set in your ways.





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