Best time to do a start up is during the time of rapid change in the market. Novel Coronavirus is changing the world more rapidly than ever before. With lockdowns and social distancing, commercial activity is at stand still.

Also, recessions are the good time to do a startup. Recessions indicate an end of the era and a start of new. Old ways don’t work anymore, new innovations are needed. Resources also free up as things slow down. Opportunity costs drop as the jobs disappear. Fair weather entrepreneurs leave the market, uncluttering the environment. Market pressure to get out early abates, entrepreneurs have time to perfect their offerings. Customers have time to take meeting to help you sharpen your thinking. VC Funds, flush with cash, find valuations more attractive and are eager to invest.

This is once in a life time opportunity where sun and moon and stars have lined up. Time to Carpe Diem!




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